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wiseness, soundness & wisdom…

are you looking for some “wiseness”?

I quite often see web alerts for wiseness (in fcat I see them exactly once a week, by automated service from our favourite serach engine) and I marvel at the usage of the word… Why do people use it? I know why I chose it for the business [a] because of the acronym for website & internet search & efficiency making up “wise” and [b] the  availability of the url domain name!

Other odd words for wiseness – ie synonyms are “soundness” or plain old “wisdom” – which is of the course he proper construction for this construct (a new word I’m reading about in positive psychology).

One other oddity I came across was “Similar words:wispiness”. Well I hope wiseness isn’t wispy.
I rather hope to find some more local businesses who need some wiseness soon. I’ve been top of the pops for SEO Petersfield for some time now and I have not had one enquiry. Is that because I have a slightly modest (old-fashioned?) site if and when people come to look at it (though I think it says what it does) OR is it that there is no SEO work in Petersfield or nearby towns & villages?
I did say that I’d have a crack at SEO in Winchester which is the larger city nearby and which hosts much more business and commerce and may be the source of some enquiries. With a mild effort I got onto page one but not in the top half, so that ight generate few visits. I think that a little more effort is required and then maybe once on the top half of the page and d.v.* there may be some genuine enquiries.
* I received an email recently with the d.v. abbreviation within and spent some time trying to crack the right meaning. Not being a classic scholar, it didn’t come to mind easily. On checking a few abbreviation websites, I had a big choice (some including vomit – why anyone would bother to abbreviate that…?). Eventually the penny dropped: Deo Volente – God Willing… Aren’t things easy when you know.