wiseness internet services

wiseness can help you with the following:

world wide web burden | help from wisenessinternet strategy

ask us to help you find a practical way to use the internet efficiently & effectively, making sure that your site does what you want it to, so that your customers understand you and they act how you want them to

website review

ask us to review your website firstly for its own efficiency in communicating what you want it to communicate and secondly for its efficiency in attracting users though search engines and referrals

website build/develop: website design

let us help you to build you a web site that is designed to perform as its purpose – either with your existing web developers or with one that we can recommend, at an appropriate price

search engine optimisation (seo)

commission a seo monthly package with continuous optimisation and reporting, a one off review or just a report with recommendations for on-site & off site optimisation to improve your search results position

pay per click management

let us look after your PPC account and improve your relevant visitor numbers at a reduced cost – and increase the likelihood that they want your services and then buy them

blog, news &/or diary – in support of seo

ask us to design, establish and write your blog &/or to train you & yours in the arts of blogging and attracting more visitors to your site and improving your search positions

e-mail marketing

have a mailing list…  we can create & write effective email campaigns too…

wiseness website seo service buttonfree review, report & recommend

ask about a free internet strategy, website, paid advertising or seo review  ~ what have you to lose…

… in addition, all wiseness comes with the advantages of Keith’s 25+ years’ experience in retail & service industry marketing & advertising