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wiseness in Hamlet

I cannot remember how I came across this… it was on a scrap of paper which I came across in a massive once off clearance recently and looked it up after all this time. It’s a quote from Hamlet by Shakespeare.

The quote does seem to vary in at least three or four ways in my paper copies and online. Who knows which is the “proper” or most authoritative version…

The quote goes like this:

Though I am not rash and splenetic 

Yet have I in me something dangerous 

Which let thy wiseness fear. Hold off thy hand. .

act 5 scene 1 / …(though some versions use the word “wisdom” in place of wiseness.)

I haven’t yet turned my literary skills into making this relevant to my business: In the play it’s Hamlet telling Laertes to “get off” – if he knows what’s best – i.e. using his wiseness…