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wiseness client: Rheology Lab & Rheology School

rheology lab screen wiseness clientThe Rheology School & The Rheology Lab: The UK’s leading centre for industrial rheology

2014 has been an eventful one for a leading rheology company, based nearby in Hampshire. The company has always done well in internet prescence for the terms rheology school and rheology training, but the rheology sample testing side of the business was flagging. The solution was to have a new and independent site just for The Rheology Lab (laboratory) .

wiseness has developed an new, inexpensive site concentrating on new content for testing and sample studies and rheological consultancy. The site is new in May 2014 and will have search robot access turned on this week.

services: PPC, internet & website strategy, development of Rheology Lab site, SEO of Rhelogy School
highlights: New WordPress site up in a relativly quick fashion, and easily editable by the client if necessary