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wiseness client: Lok’nStore’s new website

big friendly site for a big friendly storage company

Last month saw the successful launch of Lok’nStore’s new 2012 website. The brief was not only to say friendly but to look friendly and to behave friendly. The friendly site was produced by Pepper Digital who took the brief and delivered a site that does what we asked.  How good to work with a London agency (in any discipline) who contribute significantly without being precious… *

Since the site launched all significant stats are.. well, significant! It’s too commercially sensitive to go into details but the team at Lok’nStore are delighted and remain friendly!

One of my favourite bits is the storage space estimator.

* PS Having said that we also work with a great PPC agency and have just started with another useful and cooperative digital supplier… So there is more than one good resource which maybe not what people might read from the above. It’s a case of finding them though…