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wiseness adds on-line PR to services

but it’s not the sort of thing you talk about…

As briefly mentioned before, wiseness  is now doing some on-line PR. A couple of months ago a retail client asked if I’d do some on-line PR and although it’s not one of the generally offered wiseness services, it does fall into a broad spectrum of “living” on the internet.  So I started and found it rather satisfying.

It falls into two parts. One is watching and reading and searching for mentions of the company or it’s competitors and their offers and secondly making comments and posts wherever a genuinely helpful and honest piece of puff would further the cause for the client.  The first is almost invisilbe but it helps to re-assure the client that there are no big deals happening below the surface which they should know about.

The reputation and the integrity of the client in real true life is far more important than the PR though… take note.

POST SCRIPT 2012: With all the Google updates since this was written, quite a big change has evolved in the controlling formulae which controlls your position – and one of the key changes within that is the importance of incoming links to your site. This is like an external vote from another site and you get brownie points for it. the trouble is like an antiquated voting system or some comapnies’ voting rights, NOT ALL VOTES (links) ARE EQUAL. So when you get a little article on your site it counts if it’s a good site, if it’s relevant, if it’s got too many links, and importantly if it’s annotated (in the background code) as a valued link or not (follow=good; nofollow=no good!)

So on-line PR can contribute to your reputation and may bring traffic to your site and it might give you a quality backlink… but it depends. This is  a ig and complex subject in 2012 and a solution for your website and internet visibility will depend on your ambitions, your time & effort and/or your budget.  Ask us if you want to discuss this aspect of maximising your site’s efficiency.