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wisdom about wiseness

because I have a business called wiseness

… I like to get web alerts on that word.  If you ever want to keep up to date on anything (as far as the web is concerned, not necessarily all of real true life) the Google alerts are the thing, especially if you are careful to exclude words which change the nature if the information.  This is a bit like Pay Per Click advertising accounts where you have to add negatives*.

Anyway, one of these alerts bought the following quote to my attention… “Wise people are wise because they make foolish mistakes.” This is an original quote by BC from USA in the “quotes” section of a website called family friend poems.  And I suppose that I tend to agree ~ being of the “let’s try this… ” nature.  You do learn by mistakes and anyone who thinks you can only learn by success has more foolishness than wiseness.

You also learn by asking questions. Never be afraid to ask…

I also like this which I looked up on the back of the above… “The wisest mind has something yet to learn.”  ~ George Santayana