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internet marketing can be quite old fashioned… in a way…

I just found this post saved as a draft. Sadly (given my time constraints – I’m reveiwing and giving an annual service & maintenance¬† to an Adwords account today) there was no text, only the title. So now I have to write it from scratch and hopefully I can remember the main points to make…

I guess what I was talking about (and this was from early spring 2013) was that if you want to do link building – as is all the rage – then get on your horse or the telephone and talk to local people or industry people or talk to people who know your business and either want to buy it or similar – or at least talk about it – and get thm to write about you on the web – or in old media*. Or better, find people who’s businesses are complimentary and then ask them to talk about your services on their website. The more relevant the better. Yo thu can of course do the same for them. There are tricks and details but in pronciple that’s a very good way to start building propoer links.

And proper links are really all you want to get. The big algorhythm in the sky will catch up with you one day if you don’t: Every proprietary upgrade and update is just trying to weedle out the links which are only there for their sake. It’s like a big spider machine trying to work out what would attract it mathmatically and then eating it if it’s not what it wants in an oragnic fashion. That’s all a bit science fiction and if youwant a better explanation, please phone me… I’ll work on a better analogy.

Put yourself where the big spider is – at the centre of the web: How can it judge your website and let other people know about the best sites for the right searches. By other relevant sites “voting” for you by linking to you. So lets take example A: Your greengrocers gets a link from a fishing website in India. Good? Hmmm! Example B: Your UK fishing website gets a link¬† from an Ind ian fishing website. Good? Definitely. Example C your greengrocers gets a link from a potato farmer and links to your potato page. Good? Definitely. B & C make sense don’t they. A is silly.

I nearly agreed to do a link on my spectacles/glasses blog, thinking I could make it relevant, awaiting them to let me know the client company… If it were fashion or make up or something vaguely related it would be OK. I flatly refused when they wanted a link to online bingo. Pointless – both ways really. And in due course the spider will eat you if you mess it around…

* Old media doesn’t give links but it might give you visitors. What?!
Yes customers who jut want to pay you for your services or goods while you’re obsessing with links!