in wiseness comment

web wiseness by wiseness

disappointed by web cleverdick-ness? web weariness?  or just lack of dogged hard work?  then get some web wiseness…

Listen, it’s not complicated necessarily – once you know roughly what to do – but it is hard work.  Getting the key words into every breath (often feeling self conscious as one guilds the lily – just staying this side of acceptable English language), fiddling with the PPC (settings, ads, adgroups, keywords, geography and so on and on), one fiddly bit at a time and measuring and watching… Yes it’s labourious.

Or laborious – which is it?

People either get too anxious or too impatient.  It’s not an ad in tomorrow’s Sun newspaper.  Thank goodness. But even if there is often some gratification quite speedily (and we all want a good gratification once in a while) most of it is wait and see and slow but sure improvements until you win – if you get it right.

So what am I saying here? Should I know…

What I’m saying is, that if you want your website to perform, then you want someone on your side who’s interested hard working and not just charging by the hour (or worse charging by the month and watching the hours) and who stops because they’ve spent a few minutes too much on your account.  You want someone with more committment than sense who wants to get it right and will stick with it and as soon as possible.

Now how wise is that?  How web wise?  It’s not wise I suppose, it’s old fashioned dedication.