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the cost of SEO

how much does search engine optimisation cost?

How lonhg is a piece of string? Ye, like so many services, you get what you pay for, generally… or do you?

But first before I answer that question, let me just say I looked up the seo agency london search again, just out of interest. The company which came first can be proud of itself. Mind it’s not the one that it was before. It’s a moving trophy, that one. And guess how much it costs… well they don’t get out of bed for less than a big round thousand and that’s for a “small” client and that’s per month. The medium package is three and the “Enterprise” tier costs five thousand – per month.

better seo in Petersfield/Winchester area

wiseness will do a similar review for you and will give you a better more personal service. (It won’t be the same scale of course but if you want to spend that money you are going to go to London, aren’t you or at least to a big  shiny agency.

I know because I’ve been a client to some of these companies and all they can do after the initial on-site upgrade is link building. And that’s a good thing if it’s proper link building. My own opinion is that you’re better off spending time online (or getting them to) and bang away at trying to get PR beit online or offline. It’s all PR. And you want links that are relevant and do bring you site traffic.

But first put your site in order. And not just keywords/stats/competitor reviews and so on… but look at how it works for your customers as a first priority. Then optimise it. Then refresh it. Then build links and do PR. But try a local company first as you’ll be surprised at the resuts you can get with a sensible on-going approach.

Call me if you want to know how much seo would cost for you.