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SEO Petersfield

seo cleverdicks cheat the system… or work it?

I’ve just done a search for SEO in Petersfield and all (or most) are national companies who have have cleverly created pages for every town – or at least ones that give the appearance of doing so.

It’s very clever but it is also misleading becasue they’re not doing their SEO in Petersfield.  But does that matter?  You can work on the net from anywhere.  And in any case do they not prove how good they are by doing what they do?  There is proof in the pudding…

Luckily wiseness is not just an SEO company*. We are based just outside Petersfield (and near Winchester) but in addition to search engine optimisation, we do PPC management and all kinds of other website and internet input.

PS if somewone in Petersfield wanted to do some seowork (or have their google ads managed or something else in this line) at least I could go and have a cup of coffee with them. wiseness has always been about the personal touch and the all round view of a real person.

* Can you imagine trying to beat all the big seo companies in London let alone the others who don’t need to be in London, at SEO by coming up in searches for “SEO”. Not likely… Mind I have used a company who were good enough to get themselves to number one spot for “seo agency” and that’s pretty smart but even they didn’t bother with “seo company”.