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SEO Petersfield #2 and wiseness…

In Petersfield? Looking for help locally with SEO?

I did a post a couple of weeks ago titled SEO Petersfield which came about from my curiosity to see if there were any genuinely local companies who did search engine optimsation (SEO) in Petersfield.  As I commented, there were many companies pretending to be local but only one other who was actually in Petersfield.  Meanwhile my post had taken me onto page one of the search results for the same title.

So I thought what about if I did it again? I’d like to push off the pretend local ones…

Mind, I haven’t looked at the stas to see if anyone actually visited my site in response? Maybe there’s no demand. Let’s see. I’ll report back if there’s any traffic.

Meanwhile if you want some local internet  wiseness, please get in touch