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seo in winchester success

latest wiseness client for seo actually came from wiseness site seo…

It’s a first – most of our work has come from word-of-mouth – but wiseness has just been retained by a new client who found us on the internet.  I know, I know, what should I expect given the nature of the business but having said that, a lot of business and especially servcies are still working and networking in the old ways. So thank goodness one client bothered to actually search for “seo in winchester” and find us.

And the client has a great business and the site (sites actually) can be upgraded sensibly without too much rocket science. That’s usually the way and those who may have read my wise words in the past will know that seo and internet marketing is not all black arts and techno-science. It starts with the basics and the simple things. Like life itself (sorry – yuch!). A lot at the beginning of a relationship like this new one, is a mix of common sense, a little experience & knowledge and some old fashioned marketing, as well as the seo/internet expertise. We’re going to avoid rushing at things just for search engines and we’re going to make the sites work for real people which in the long run is the way to go  – and how to win the long race. Call me a tortoise! (OK you’re a taxi – to mix up  an old joke or two.)

So the seo is actually on the back burner at first while we sort out some of the “first-things-first” and then the sites can be optimised and ideally they can get some good links from the local and industry community.