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No.1 Of 7 million: that’s wiseness

wiseness takes antiques fair client to the top spot!

In the last few days while writing a monthly report and checking later in the midst of a new propsoal to further the business, I’m pleased to say that wiseness has taken The Decorative Fair to the top spot out of 70,010,000 results for the search “antiques fair”.

Now that’s an achievement – even if it is temporary…  It was there a few days ago and I didn’t get a screen grab.  I didn’t make the same mistake twice as you can see from the above.

What’s more – and even I cannot really believe this – is that we’re position 3 for “antiques”.  Given that they know where I live, but that’s all sites searched, worldwide with no filters!  Not bad: 3rd of 82,000,100.  Oh well; all in a day’s work…

PS By the time anyone else checks it’ll have moved – but it was there!