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Isn’t Google Brilliant…

Everyday search for every day people (not just seo workers)…

Last week I was in France, on a breakdown truck in a town with which I thought I was totally unfamiliar. We passed a hotel on the truck which I recognised as an oasis of niceness but I didn’t get the name and only half read the road name. When it came to pass that my van wouldn’t be fixed that day, I turned on my data roaming on my phone and searched for hotel chatellerault avenue president… and hey presto there waas the hotel. I booked it and it was delightful. The only downside was the continued lack of repair for my van and the consequent continued cost of said lovely hotel,

There was another incident this week where Google saved me or was incredibly useful. I can’t remember because we tend to use Google everyday and take it for granted.

And that’s the point. Google does its primary job brilliantly: Search for its customers. When they change an algorythm and people curse it because¬† their otherwise poor or uncompetitive website doesn’t show in the results they are forgetting that Google has a job to do or else people will use other search engines.Whilst it delivers results, people continue to use it. The algorythm changes are partly to fox seo folk (hats of all colours) but mainly to deliver better search results. And if the seo crowd didn’t keep changing their websites for serach engines but concentrated on making their sites better and getting genuine links from genuine sites, the whole would be better for all.

Short cuts and impatience are not the answer if you want your site to get searched!