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how many search engine optimisation (seo) set ups in Winchester…?

who needs search engine maximisation in or near Winchester & Hampshire… & some wiseness

As I have said before, I’m conducting a small experiment to see if I can get to local businesses who may want SEO services for their websites (or  website design or strategy). I’ve had a go at Petersfield which I believe to be easier (and is equidistant), but Winchester may be a harder nut to crack and I believe that there are more SEO companies genuinely based in the City.

(As I’ve mentioned before there are clever sites which are national – or want to be – but are based in one town or city and they pretend that they’re in all these places. They’re good at SEO, though the big engines will probably catch up  with them eventually, but they are NOT local. There is an arguement that you don’t have to be local as it’s all electronic and ethereal – but you might want to meet over a cup of coffee…)

But I think it’s time to get some more local SEO work and Winchester City is a good place to start: It’s got a vibrant business community and locally based commerce. The good news for such businesses is that if geographical proximity is important for customers and local prospects are interested in local solutions then you don’t have to be the biggest in the world because you are in more prominent your local “pond” which has far fewer competitors. The big search engines appreciate this and they favour a local solution if indeed it is local. So come on Winchester businesses who need their websites updated and search engine optimised… get in touch.  We’re here to help with our wiseness