in wiseness comment

Harrier logo versions plus redder capsPS. For any casual visitor to this site you may have wondered what on earth these were. the simple answer is that I wanted to show them to a client (and I used my site like “dropbox”. This way you get the true-ish colurs that they’ll have on line.

Meanwhile since then I’ve bashed up a quick site for them – all by myself – while we think about a brief for a bigger better and “designed” site which will follow. For now they’re concentrating on their stationery. The site I’ve put up is a straight Word press site and looks very clean & tidy – if only their old sites (which we’re going to replace) looked this good.

But what I really love is that the site (the standard WP template – I didn’t install a responsive plug-in) just did the responsive thing – so it works really well on a mobile. Not bad for an amateur. (wiseness doesn’t build sites per se except simple ones like this for friends). And this compares extremely favourably to what I’ve seen with Joomla sites made by experts. I love Word Press.

I’ll stick a screen grab up here in due course…