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do you need more customers? need seo in Winchester, Petersfield or Hampshire?

search engine optimisation works, you know

If you’re reading this you might have found wiseness because you were looking for seo services and you searched in Petersfield or Winchester (or possibly Hampshire but that might be toofar afield as of yet…) or you typed in the location and “seo”. So you know that seo worked – or at least in this case.

You might, if you’re reading this somewhere down the line, have seen wiseness on the maps page. You probably won’t at this time because I have just done the page details and they have to be verified. This used to be by text via a mobile phone but today it seems only possible to do this by post… Yes, snail mail to verify your internet prescence: Ironic eh? So it will be a fortnight before I can verify this and you’ll see us on the maps page in your favourite search engine.

Talking of search engines…


Have you seen duckduckgo yet? It’s very clean and tidy and quite attractive. It makes the big one seem quite old-fashioned. The only bad thing that I can see about it is that one of my sites doesn’t show up for the straight search of confit de canard doesn’t show it.


More irony (it’s obviously the theme for the day), as duck duck doesn’t recognise my tinned duck. Maybe the thought of it was too upsetting!

More variances to learn for us supposed experts and we will see how many users they get. Most if not all of my sites are doing just fine in the duckduckgo searches – becasue they are real sites and not over optimised. They’re real.  It looks like (apart form Confit de Canard UK) that they are all just right!

Lastly on this new search engine, I like the way that they offer you Google or Bing at the bottom of the page – where incidentally my confit de canard site is number #2 after wikipedia