How About A Wedding Venue in West Sussex?

The wise way to find a wedding venue in Sussex I’m waiting for two things to happen… to make sure that our site gets wedding venue visitors.  The first is the text on the site to be set up; with a new page talking about weddings (and to be called something about weddings) and the second element is a blog site to be set up o the main site so that we can start doing the wedding venue posts.  This is how we apply wiseness to the situation.

wiseness says a picture paints a thousand words ~ not!

website wiseness paints a new landscape In these days some of our old sayings are on the wane.  It used to be without exception that you could confidently say that “a picture paints a thousand words”.  How true.  But not so when you’re talking SEO and you know that a picture means nothing to a spider robot.  Yes, you can add a tag to a picture (not one with a thusand words in it) but even so, a few well chosen words are they key:  Keywords to be exact.

Getting Stuck On Fishy Fish Cakes

wiseness makes fishy fish cakes I did actually make some fish cakes this last week – it must have been the talk of fishy fish cakes all the time.  My recipe includes any tinned fish (my wife insists on using fresh but this is a waste in my recipe book) best with mackerel or sardines, extra good if they are in tomato sauce and matzo meal and they should be eaten with brown sauce but good quality one.  I like them and the good thing is that if you make them for you and the kids don’t like them as much as you, you get more!