content is king… again… wiseness knows…

websites are lots of thing but content is top Everybody in the know knows that content is so important for websites but people spend a lot of time on other stuff that doesn’t always count in real true life and at the end of the day if you’re doing stuff that’s only there to trick search engines then they’ll catch up and make it less important still.  The latest changes in the way searches happen are updates to penalise tricks and reward real stuff.

Confit de Canard uses wiseness

It’s always a good idea to get your key search terms into your name: Thus We’ve just launched a low key business site which will be retailing Confit de Canard on the net.  Having studied the competition, I reckoned that the name and the wiseness optimisation of the site would do well in searches for Confit de Canard and lo and behold the site – Confit de Canard UK – is there on page one already.  Point proven.